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Metro-Detroit real estate is changing every year. I consult with my clients to make sure they have realistic expectations that fit the changing market. The power of the internet has given everyone access to valuable information for buying and selling a home, however, much of this information is outdated or not specific for your situation or area. There is an endless amount of questions that someone can ask about buying or selling a home. Utilize my experience from 100's of sold properties and 15 years of experience to expedite your moving process. Call me anytime. I'm never too busy for your questions. I hope to hear from you soon.

The Metro-Detroit real estate market started rebounding in 2013, from it's low point in about 2008. If you are considering taking advantage of the current low interest rates and making a move, give me a call, a lot has changes in financing, market conditions, and what to expect in your move.

Free Seller Consultation so you can begin planning your move. Schedule a meeting to discuss:

  1. Realistic Price for your home

  2. Where will you move?

  3. Make sure you qualify

  4. Unique Property Marketing

  5. What to expect in today's market

  6. Much more....

Feel Free to explore my short videos, more will be added later, so make sure to subscribe!


Planning to sell your home usually begins with finding out how much your home is worth AND how much you will get at closing after real estate commissions, title insurance, and Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax. To begin, select below which Property Valuation Report fits your needs at this moment:

  • FREE Instant Property Valuation* - Automated results that are computer calculated based on recent sales within 1-2 miles of your property that is matched with public record data and similar characteristics such as age, sq.ft., and number of bedrooms

  • CUSTOM Property Valuation* - What any automated computer generated system cannot account for is updates. With this report I personally find comparable properties and look through the property photos to match property condition. I also use a 2 step method: First, I'll show you recent sales within the last year, second, I'll show your current competition if you were to sell right now. Between these 2 methods, I can usually get the property within $5,000-$10,000 of the end sale price.


*Note: Your property value will change over time. These are just preliminary reports, I am not an appraiser, these are a "Opinion of Value". I would have to walk through the home to get the most accurate opinion of value.

Property Valuation
Sellin Severin Property Valuation_edited
Sellin Severin Custom Property Valuation
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About Severin
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"Severin is a full time, full service realtor, specializing in helping buyers, sellers, new construction, and investment properties. Since 2004 Severin has closed 100's of transactions, and Severin prides himself on exceptional service and communication with his clients."

"While introducing some of the latest technology innovations to the real estate industry to make the sales process flow smoothly, and getting his seller's more money for their homes, he doesn't forget to make simple phone calls and presentations to his clients, which is why it's no surprise that most of his business is referral based."

I truly believe that real estate is a people business, helping others achieve their goal when they are buying or selling their homes. I commit myself and my efforts to building lasting relationships with my clients.

I hope you decide to interview me, so I can help you with your next move.  If you ever have real estate questions or need any information, please feel free to give me a call. It's never too early to start planning your next move!


1) I am honest
2) I have a strong work ethic
3) I am VERY GOOD at what I do
4) I will represent YOUR interests... even if that means walking away from a transaction
5) I will always answer your questions/concerns
6) I do not disappear once an offer is accepted; I follow it through to closing
7) I do not disappear when you close on your home; I will be there to help with the details
8) I will call/email you back
9) I will be on top of the issues of our transaction
10) I will be there to handle any/all problems
11) I am very good at problem solving
12) I will tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear
13) I will take responsibility if I make any mistakes
14) I have excellent follow-through
15) I am a professional; I will treat you and everyone involved with professionalism


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“I found a buyer for my new home and Sellin Severin steered the client through the negotiation process and got him to agree to even more than I wanted. I’ll definitely work with them again!”

Riley Jones

“I needed to find someone to replace me on my lease so I got in touch with Sellin Severin to expedite the process. Within two weeks I was handing over my keys. Great and reliable service, highly recommended.”

Casey Johnson

“Severin helped me navigate through a long and complicated process while selling a number of local properties. I had more than I could handle, but with their expertise, everything turned out perfect and the cash started flowing in. Thank You!”

Kris Michaels

Buying a Home

Get the Keys to Your Dream Home

As the saying goes... Location, Location, Location! This may be a city, school district, distance from work/school, etc.

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of decisions to be made, but rest assured, I'm here to help you narrow your search to guiding you through the entire process.  Here is the 8 Home purchase steps overview when purchasing a home in Michigan.

8 Home Purchase Steps Overview

  1. How to Interview an Experienced Agent

  2. First Time Consultation

  3. Financing Your Home

  4. Home Search

  5. Previewing Homes

  6. Submitting An offer

  7. Home Inspection

  8. Closing process


Advice is free, but mistakes are not! This is a planning and preparation process.

Together let’s Engineer YOUR Real Estate Success!

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